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  Home     Welcome to YogaforBeginners!  
  Basics     If you have been considering learning yoga or have recently begun a yoga practice, I hope to provide you with some  
      useful and interesting information about yoga.  
      I have been doing yoga for many years and still consider myself very much a beginner. In that time I have done a lot  
  Branches     of reading and have done many forms of yoga. I have taken yoga classes from instructors and, although I am not  
      currently participating in any instructional program, I feel that this is a very good way to begin.  
      Whether you are participating in a class or if you can't or don't wish to take a class at this time there are many books,  
  Benefits     and DVD's available to do in the privacy and convenience of your own home. I have included lists of my favorite  
      resource material which you may wish to take a look at. Also I have included many internet web sites that provide a  
  Guidelines     wide range of information on topics pertaining to yoga and meditation.  
  Postures     I will be updating this site often and will be adding books, CDs, websites and any other information I find that I feel  
      would be of interest to other yoga beginners.  
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